'Living with osteoporosis'

Which abs exercises will support my back?

What stom­ach exer­cises can I do to help strengthen the spine and assist pel­vic sta­bil­ity? I have just been dia­gnosed with osteo­porosis and osteoarth­ritis of the spine even though I do reg­u­lar weight-​bearing exer­cises, yoga, walk and cycle...
Posted by jane 0 Comments October 26, 2012

Can vibration training help my osteoporosis?

I suf­fer from osteo­porosis and read recently that vibrat­ing exer­cise machines in my gym, such as Power Plate, could help to strengthen my bones. Do you think they are worth a try?...
Posted by jane 0 Comments October 26, 2012

Why am I developing a dowager’s hump?

I am 62 years old and have noticed in recent years that I am becom­ing very round-​shouldered. My back­bone sticks out and I am devel­op­ing what looks like a hump. Is this to do with hav­ing bad pos­ture? Is there any­thing I can do to improve it?...
Posted by jane 0 Comments October 19, 2012