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press positionLying face down doing a back raiseStanding up on toes, using chair back for supportLying on side with bottom knee drawn in towards chest, top leg long, for start of exercise

There are three easy ways to find an exer­cise…

1. Search box

Use the search box in the top right-​hand corner of the page to type in a word (eg, legs, arms, abs) and select a suitable-​sounding exer­icse

2. Keyword ‘All exer­cises’

Look down the right side of the page. Halfway down you will find the Keyword search. Click on ‘All exer­cises’ and you’ll get the full set of exer­cise sum­mar­ies to scroll through. Just click on the one you want

3. Search the exer­cise list below

Ab curls
Ankle loosen­ing and con­di­tion­ing
Arm raises, straight up (shoulder press)
Back strengthener 1: sup­por­ted super­man
Back strengthener 2: I sur­render
Back strengthener 3: palms flat
Back strengthener 4: hover
Back strengthener 5: hands to head
Back strengthener 6: float­ing arms
Bicep curl
Calf stretch, sit­ting
Calf stretch, stand­ing
Chest stretch
Clam, side-​lying
Corner push
Hamstring stretch sit­ting
Heel raises (up on toes)
Hip wrap
Inner thigh squeeze, sit­ting
Knee strengthen­ers
Leg lifts, lying
Lower abs strengthener, lying
Lower abs strengthener, sit­ting
Lower back relax­a­tion (crook lie)
Obliques strengthen­ers, lying
Obliques strengthen­ers, stand­ing
One-​leg squat
Pelvic floor con­di­tion­ing
Pelvic tilts and lifts, lying
Pendulum arm circles
Prepare to sit and stand
Press-​up, on knees
Shoulder loosen­ing
Side leg lifts, stand­ing
Sit and stand leg strengthener
Sitting up for back strength
Straight leg lift, side-​lying
Toe raises
Tricep dips
Upper back strengthener , sit­ting
Wall press

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