'Finding an exercise instructor'

Can exercise help my asthma and angina?

I am a man of 73 and a life-​long asth­matic. After a spell in hos­pital with pneu­mo­nia, I find climb­ing stairs dif­fi­cult because of breath­less­ness and wasted muscles. I also get slight angina if I over-​exert myself. Is it safe to increase my heart rate? I do not want to waste time and effort try­ing to achieve the impossible...
Posted by jane 0 Comments October 26, 2012

Will exercise worsen my cervical spondylosis?

I suf­fer from cer­vical spon­dyl­osis. I joined a small gym, doing car­dio and weights, but after a couple of months my neck pain worsened and I star­ted get­ting pins and needles in my arm and leg. Since I stopped the gym my pain is less but I am put­ting on weight and feel leth­ar­gic. Can you advise?...
Posted by jane 0 Comments October 26, 2012