Pendulum arm circles

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What it’s good for Helping to recover move­ment in your arm after an injury such as a broken col­lar bone, shoulder muscle tear, dis­lo­ca­tion or a frozen shoulder which has star­ted to unfreeze
How often to do it Daily
Equipment you’ll need Table top

This is a loosen­ing exer­cise, which does not involve any strength­en­ing or strain on muscles. It is purely to help keep your arm from get­ting very stiff and tight, so it is safe to do even if you have shoulder prob­lems that restrict your arm move­ment.

  • While stand­ing, lean on the edge of a kit­chen table with your good arm
  • Droop for­wards a bit, to let your bad arm hand for­wards just in front of you
  • Allow your hanging arm to swing around in smallish circles – don’t try to make it go round, let it swing freely
  • After half a dozen circles, bring it gently to a stop and change dir­ec­tion, circ­ling the oppos­ite way.

These gentle pen­du­lum circles are safe to do every day if you find them help­ful.

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