Hip wrap

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What it’s good for Strengthens the outside-​hip muscles and helps to keep hip bones strong. Everyday bene­fits include:

  • Crucial for proper walk­ing
  • Helps you step safely side­ways to get out of the way in a hurry, without fall­ing over
  • helps to pad and pro­tect your hip bones
How often to do it Three times a week
Equipment you’ll need A kit­chen chair
A stretchy elastic exer­cise band

Note: Because this exer­cise uses res­ist­ance (a stretchy band) to build strength, you must give your muscles time to rest between ses­sions, so always leave 48 hours between each prac­tice (read more about muscle strength­en­ing here)

sitting with stretch-band around thighs at start of hip-wrapsitting with stretch-band around thighs, opening legs to work against band

  • Sit tall at the front of the chair, feet and knees together
  • Drape the middle of the band over your knees. Then take the ends of the band in your hands, cross them over under­neath your legs, pull hard to tighten the wrap­ping, and pull the ends so they rest on top of your knees. Place you hands firmly over the ends so they don’t ping and unravel. You need to keep your legs firmly wrapped through­out the exer­cise
  • Now, with the band tight, open your feet and knees to hip-​width. This is the start-​point for the exer­cise
  • Sit tall and open your knees wider, keep­ing your feet firmly in place on the ground
  • Hold knees open for a count of 5, keep­ing tall and breath­ing through­out, then ease them back to their start­ing point. Remember, the start-​point is hip-​width apart, not touch­ing
  • Check your sit­ting pos­ture and get ready to open the knees again

Aim to do 12 open-​and-​close move­ments without rest.

♦ If you are very new to exer­cise, this is one that can pro­duce an intense “burn­ing” sen­sa­tion in the muscle. Don’t worry! The feel­ing will go within seconds and over the days and weeks will prob­ably fade alto­gether

Varying the exer­cise for more chal­lenge

Once you can do this, you need to make the exer­cise a bit harder to con­tinue strength­en­ing your muscles. Firstly, add another set of 12 to your routine. Then move on to these other exer­cises in order of dif­fi­culty below

The pro­gres­sions

1. Wider legs
Start with legs more than hip-​width apart to increase the force you have to use to pull and hold the band apart

2. Use a stronger band
A tougher grade of band increases the res­ist­ance and there­fore the work you need to do to open your knees. You can also try wrap­ping the band more tightly, but be care­ful not to let the band get pain­fully tight or restrict your blood flow. Click here to read more on work­ing with strength-​training equip­ment

3. The Clam (side lying bent leg open­ings)
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