Corner push

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What it’s good for Strengthens the but­tock muscles that sup­port stand­ing up, walk­ing and run­ning
How often to do it Daily
Equipment you’ll need A corner! Use two adja­cent walls with no obstacles on them

Standing facing out from a corner, hands on hips, one leg bent to push into the corner

  • Stand close to a corner, with your back to it
  • Step one leg for­wards into a lunge
  • Carefully place the sole of the other foot into the corner of the wall about 20cm off the ground
  • Stand upright, hands on hips, and push the foot into the wall, hold­ing for 10 and breath­ing
  • Release, leav­ing the foot in place, to relax moment­ar­ily before your next press

Aim for 5 presses on one leg, then swap legs and repeat

Cannot do this at all? This exer­cise is quite advanced in that it needs good bal­ance. Try start­ing with a more basic but­tock strength­en­ing exer­cise such as lying leg lifts.

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